Wednesday, July 27, 2011

YSAK 412: Half-bed rental redux, plus extra bitterness

Earlier this month, we brought you an ad from a man looking to rent out half his bed for $10.

Looks like another man, this time in Ontario, has picked up on the idea and taken it further:

WELL-USED 1/2 BED!!!!!!!!!!!
Address Toronto, ON, Canada

½ of a Bed: MAKE ME AN OFFER!

I’m moving and selling my side of the bed. Well-used, but some of that egg-carton foam would probably fix it right up. My brand new ex-wife still owns the other side of the bed, but don’t worry, she doesn’t seem to mind sharing it with complete strangers.

BONUS: This bed is ALWAYS warm due to it never going more than a few hours without someone being in it! This comes in especially handy if you’re away working out west trying to make enough to cover the mortgage payments.

NOTE: Apparently there’s been like 3 different guys that may be able to claim squatter’s rights on my side of the bed since they spent more time in it than I did. Not sure what the rules are on that.

Send me an offer if you’re interested.

Buyer Beware!

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