Monday, August 8, 2011

YSAK 414: Empty forest needs squatter

Thanks to @bbhorne for spotting this one! (To the advertiser: the Gypsies prefer to be known as the Roma.)

Forest dwelling Gypsy needed for cottage, 10 minute walk to Dal.
Price $250.00
Furnished No
Pet Friendly Yes

Forest gypsy

We have a forest along the rail road tracks but no free spirited warm hearted person to take care of it.

We have an interesting opportunity to live in a hut for the fall term, possibly winter too. Its a chance to have camp-fires, tend the forest, make arts and crafts, make an adobe wood stove and bake bread.

Basically, this is the chance to live in a traditional, primitive way. You must be very social, play music regularly, like to make your own cloths, cook big pots of soup, like to bake bread, and know how to build beautiful things.

You will be charged with tending our small forest. (Its almost a form of serf-dom). There is room to garden, build new and interesting structures, and so on.

You will sleep in the forest hut and spend much of your time outdoors or on your porch, but you are also welcome in the glass house. The glass house is a gigantic modern house overlooking your forest where all the rest of us live. We are lucky to live in a modern house, but you are lucky to have your freedom and wild oaks. You will have the use of glass house shower, kitchen, living room and dining room. Basically, you will be a member of the glass house with your bedroom being the outdoors and the gypsy hut at night.

A couple is welcome too. But you will have to be really smiley and remarkable. I think the first thing you would build would be a clay oven to heat up and bake bread in. You would sit around it and keep warm on the cool fall evenings.

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