Monday, August 22, 2011

YSAK 421: Too long, can't read. Something about housing

Plaintext version follows this hard-on-the-eyes-and-mind post:

Hello !
My name is Ashley, and i got a fiance named Scott...
Where becoming newparents and are needing our own place before the 4weeks is up!
The place we are staying in now its to small for soon to be six living there, since the owner is having an extange studient coming for the half of the year.
As to notice you my fiance is looking for a job to bring money for the baby, also for the home we hopefully to find, but for now he is on social services tell a job calls him back.
Hoping you guys would'nt mind social services.(If having no clue about them[as in social services] I'll be glad to inform you on what they do and how they work.)
This is my first time renting a home, but i do pay my bills, for i am a former boarder.
We are Very Responsable , Quite, CLEAN!..
only thing that is a no no is My fiance Scott smokes also trying ot quite.
i do not smoke cause of my pregnancy,
We are not picky with appartment or houses as long they are not a scuritity building. and not dirty!
our bugget is from 300- 600 dallers i know its not much but its what we can afored for now that has everything included like heat,hot water, and lights. or anything with them listed...
I really ! hope to hear from you for i only got 4 weeks tell the extange student comes, and we are in one big rush and would like to look at what ever we can find in the area of newglasgow area or trenton.
To contact me please email at: for Ashley.
and i hope to hear from you asap. thank you for your time of reading this add please write..... :) have a good day !

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