Wednesday, August 31, 2011

YSAK 427: My Bones for your Nintendo

Wanted: wanted: DSI XL, DSI, DS Lite or PSP GO

I'm looking for either:
DSI + games
DS Lite + some good games (like marios, pokemons)

I AM ONLY TRADING -- but it's a great $150-200 Value Trade for any Collectors. Not for everyone, ut if you love memorabilia....

I'm Offering my:


This is an actual signed card from Dr. "Bones" McCoy from Trek -- taken from my Personal Collection.

The Signature is Beautiful, in an Unusual White/Muted Silver Smooth Ink (not raised or metallic). Good full signing.
It's a later autograph, and a little less swooping.

The Card is equally as rare to find.
I have collected autographs since the late 90s. In Person, Through the Mail, and During Interviews (I'm a writer, but no, I did not get the autograph signed through an interview, sadly.)

At conventions Majel Roddenberry (wife of legendary Gene Roddenberry) had a company that sold these Mini-Cards. They were a mix of on-screen and candids.

I believe this one is either from Wrath of Khan or Voyage Home, as those are two times I remember Chekhov ending up in McCoy's care 8)

Card SIZE is 3" x 2" . They are blank on the back and white bordered.
Card Condition is Mint and still white.

There is just enough room on the bottom to get Walter Koenig's signature if you like dual autos !

(The more colorful photo in the corner is a comparison photo - it is my other Deforest Kelley autograph (and not for sale).)

This is a TREASURE, and am only trading because I have another made out to me for keeps.

I have 3 in my collection which I can show you in person to compare.

Thank you for looking.

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