Tuesday, September 20, 2011

YSAK 434: Leftover soda: Hurry, it's going flat!

Party leftovers

Leftover soda from party for sale!
Price $3.00

It’s left over from Saturday night and priced to move:

1 - Coke - hardly touched!
2 - Coke Zero - one sealed*, the other STILL half full!
2 - 7UP - in “EcoGreen” bottles: Offsets your carbon footprint from driving two blocks to Mac’s for 7UP.
1 - President’s Choice Spitz Up - not yet cracked!
1 - Diet Coke - enough left to wash down an aspirin.
1 - Fresca - goes great with vodka!

All originally 2L bottles. $3 each, or all 8 for only $30!

Act now and I’ll throw in half a litre of leftover dill dip.

Hurry - it’s going flat fast!

* I’m saving Coke points, so I ask that you leave me with this bottle's lid

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