Thursday, September 22, 2011

YSAK 436: I have a camera, therefore I'm a professional photographer

This is everything that's wrong with everything today: The easy availability of the tools of a profession make everyone think they can do things professionally. Bloggers think they're journalists. Someone with Garage Band thinks he's a music producer. A kid with Sony Vegas thinks he's a video editor. And this girl thinks she's a professional photographer because she has a nice camera AND a tripod. And, sadly, customers will pay these people for their work because they work cheap, end up disappointed with the results, and extrapolate their experience to believe that professionals are idiots.
Photography Photo Shoot

Hello my name is Allysha Leaman i love to take photo's and I own my own tripod stand and i have a really nice camera here is a photo of my camera and my tripod. I can do birthday partys and other things. I can also put the photos on to a DVD and i would lower the price down to 100.00. I do also have a book with all my photo shoot photos i can show you. And the tripod goes higher.

Here is my email feel free to email thanks and have a great day :)

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