Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News: Woman says Kijiji humans should screen for stolen goods

A New Brunswick woman whose mother fell victim to a thief when mom left her front unlocked is complaining to the media and anyone who'll listen that Kijiji is being a bad corporate citizen by not screening merchandise to ensure it's not stolen.

Twitter user @MMaraMallory tweeted up a storm about it:

Very sad that doors must be locked. But Kijiji provides mkt for stolen goods & profits from it. I think requiring a phone number and requiring Kijiji to disclose when suspicion of theft would be of some use.

A CBC report says:
Mara Mallory says rules for pawnshops were introduced years ago to make it more difficult for thieves to use them to sell stolen property and the same should be done for on-line sites.

"They are becoming the new pawnshops," she said.

"We took steps 10 years ago to regulate pawnshops, require people to show photo ID. I think the time has come that Kijiji has to disclose more information more readily to police if there's a suspicion of theft."
So, she went on Kijiji and found a Coach purse that looked like her mom's! And police wouldn't go get it back for her! Can you believe that? Her mom's purse!

There's no doubt about it, Kijiji is littered with stolen stuff. Watch for too-good-to-be-true prices on brand-new/no-receipt merch, high-value "I just don't want it" stuff, suspicious amounts of clothing with tags still on, etc.

Frankly, people are glad to buy stolen merchandise. They're greedy.

But Kijiji doesn't have the human staff to enforce the rules it already has, let alone to enforce rules that it doesn't have.

Bottom line: lock your front door. Sad but true.

PS: Kijiji, please hire some live bodies to deal with people who are in a real panic to reach you. I'm not talking about me -- I'm patient and understanding, but some people aren't. And some of THOSE people actually have a good reason to try to find you.

PPS: Ms. Mallory: If I've got your point wrong, please feel free to straighten me out in the comments.

** UPDATE ** A source familiar with the situation says the purse in question was not this woman's mother's purse after all. Ms. Mallory? Your comments after all this?

2 Responses to “News: Woman says Kijiji humans should screen for stolen goods”

Anonymous said...
February 24, 2013 at 12:31 AM

Stealing from a home is wrong bit I take from billionaire corporations all the time. They are the evil that suppresses human lives by making you work your life for fuck all. Not that work is a bad thing. I'm a carpenter. I know hard work but if its a new in the box big ticket item then fuck ya take it from those over rich bastards and give to someone who needs it a deal. Ty kijiji for letting get rid of all my brand new stolen computers that come from places like future shop ect... They make 500% profit on some of there products. Its bs prices don't need to be so high.


Anonymous said...
February 24, 2013 at 12:33 AM

If the rulers would allow fair prices there would be leas theft from the average person. FACT!!!!


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