Thursday, November 10, 2011

Follow-Up: 'Children of the hood' apologize to Halloween no-candy man

A Halloween candy story you read first here at before it spread to the mainstream media has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Kijiji advertiser.

The Toronto Sun reports the man who was unavailable to hand out candy to greedy neighbourhood kids and later became the target of a vaguely menacing but mostly stupid letter from the 'Children of the hood' has apparently been given an apology:

The mean-spirited missive was delivered to Tom Ibbitson’s mailbox and a friend later posted it online along with his indignant response.

But now that one of his new neighbours has taken responsibility, the 26-year-old wants to let sleeping dogs lie.

“The author of the letter came by last night to apologize,” Ibbitson said Wednesday. “My goal was just to find out who wrote it. Now that I have, I don’t really feel the need to continue spreading the story.”
Kind of anti-climactic, but this is Kijiji, after all.

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