Friday, November 4, 2011

YSAK 449: This guy could be the next duckfaced Mike Holmes

Or perhaps Mark Holmes, lead singer of 1980s hair rock band Platinum Blonde. Thanks to @MikaelD77 for the alert.

Duckfaced boy in pyjamas posing for camera
Looking for some construction i can help with to make good pay.

I'm looking to make a few hundred dollars, good hours plus pay. Weekends strongly preferred. Can work full day Saturday and Sunday. Have resume ready.
Um ... that's not all. Same kid:

Im really ineed of a part time job, i REALLY need money

Hello, i am seriously dyeing to make money, a part time job, od job, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! I am ttrying my best to make money but its hard.. and i need alot of money for an upcomeing trip to be with my lover, please help me!!
He's also selling some of his toys. By toys I mean a marshmallow gun, dolls and k'nex kits.

Someone really needs to call this kid's parents.

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