Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YSAK 462: Groovy chick wants date for Prince concert (NO FATTIES)

At least she "appologizes" to the overweight folks. FWIW, I sent in my bid for sexiest Prince song being Shockadelica, though I do prefer Ween's remake entitled LMLYP.

!! FREE Prince ticket !! Looking for stud muffin
Price Free
Address Dartmouth, NS B3A 1C1, Canada

Here's the deal. Groovy chick bought excellent floor tickets two days ago before checking whether all of her friends who "get Prince" weren't already going. Hate looking like an idiot dancing alone. So here's where you come in. IF you can name the sexiest Prince song of all time, don't have a pot belly resembling a pregnant lady which will force you to sit for most of the concert, AND can charm me before and after with some witty repartee,... :) I just might drag your cute posterior along. Oh yeah, ya better have one of those cause if moi needs to park hers to catch her breath, yours better be somethin' to look at! I prefer my age range 40-50, been there done that with the youngins' and was bored to death. Don't hesitate, it may be the start of something great! Showing me you can string a coherant sentence together without using your for you are, and you can locate spell check on your computer....... 'you're' half way there.

Tell me as much as you can about your studliness and if you want, include a phone number and I'll call you later, unless you've said you are "laid back" or "easy going" ...if I had a dime!

BTW, groovy does not stand for grossly overweight, freaky looking and has to buy a date! I am slim, long brown hair, blue eyes, and most men find me attractive. If you're one of the others, my appologies.

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