Thursday, December 1, 2011

YSAK 463: My dog ate a poison rat

The saddest part of this whole thing? The dog's name is 'nevaeh'.

Wanted: still looking for help to pay vet bills.

Hi everyone, I really hate doing this, but I have no choice. I have a dog nevaeh who is very sick right now, she bit into a rat a couple wks ago and come to find out where it came from the people keep poison under thier deck for the rats. and she became very sick. I have had her to the vet twice, I have her on an IV here at home, as she is not eating or drinking, and when she tries she gets sick. I have her also on gravol and antibiotics. they did blood wk the other night and everything is out of wack.nevaeh is my baby and I just cant give up on her, I am only on a small income and have already given everything I had into her, bill money , grocery money all of it. I love her so much, and do not want to lose her. she is the best dog in all the world and in my world. the other night I was laying with her in bed and I was bawling and she took her paw and put around my neck and put her head on my shoulder. all the needles the vets have gave her she never even moved. she is a AM STAFF. but the best there is. my account is at ST. MARGARETS BAY ANIMAL HOSPITAL. 902-826-xxxx8. PLEASE PLEASE if anyone can help and amount I would forever be grateful, nevaeh is my world, my life. also I have an account at fairveiw aniaml hospital for her that I still need to pay off thier number is 902-443-xxxx. again thank you so much. her liver is very bad and everything else to, but they say there is hope, so now this is my hope. I am pleading for someone to help us. the account is under Beverley xxxxxx. THANKS AGAIN FROM MY HEART AND SOUL.

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