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YSAK 464: Heartwarming engagement ring story

We've seen some ads lately that had people wondering if the author was a professional ad writer. Personally, even the good ones seemed like average joes with above-average writing. This ad, however, reeks of professionalism. It's a long haul, but if you're the sentimental type, you'll get right into it. Text version after the jump.

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Price $500.00
Address Fredericton, NB E3A 5C8, Canada

You’re probably trying to find the perfect engagement ring for her. The one that will cause her face to light up on Christmas morning. Yet you’re worried about the expense. You’ll never have another opportunity like this to give her a stunning engagement diamond ring at this price with this story . . .

Paul raised his hand to wipe a bead of sweat from his face. This house restoration project was proving to be time consuming and complicated. He sighed in frustration as he was hoping to have the job finished before the snow came. His plans to have the cash to buy an engagement ring for his girl Rachel for Christmas were in jeopardy.

He walked across the old, stained wooden floor, debating ripping it up or refinishing it. The wood in one spot sagged beneath his feet. He bounced up and down on it, testing its resilience. Worried it may be rotten, he bent down to pry up the strip of lumber. It came up, almost too easily and as he lifted the piece of wood, he realized why. In the crawl space, a storage unit had been built. There was an old newspaper laying on top of it. He thought of the many old newspapers he’d found over the years doing renovations. A moment of history of the house caught in time. He glanced at the date, September 21, 1943.

He lifted the lid of the storage container and inside were photos and a small wooden box. The photos showed a man in military uniform with his arm, lazily draped across a woman’s shoulders. They were both laughing and looking like they were having the time of their lives. Paul picked up the plain wooden box and lifted the hinge. Inside was a hand written letter and a beautiful gold diamond engagement ring. Carefully, Paul held the letter, yellowed with age and began to read.

“My Dearest Mary,

We have crossed the ocean to join our forces against the Germans. I promise to take real good care of myself over here and I will take good care of your brother Jimmy too. I’m not good with the words, but I will write you as often as I can.

I will miss your kisses and warm hands as we swing on the dance floor. There’s no other way to say it, my dear sweet Mary. Wait for me. Make me the happiest man alive and marry me.

I sure hope you like the ring.

I will come back home safe and we can have a big wedding with all the family.

With much affection and love,



Paul looked at the letter and could see it had been read many, many times. He wondered what might have happened to this happy couple on the verge of a new life together.

The next day, Paul contacted the home owners to see if they had any history on the couple and the ring. After a few phone calls, he found out that Mary was still alive and living in the same city. He nervously knocked on her door, wondering how she would feel about seeing these deeply personal items after so many years.

At the kitchen table, Mary tenderly held the ring in her hand. She looked up at Paul with tears in her eyes and told him a story about love, joy and sadness. Mary had accepted Henry’s offer of marriage but he did not survive the war. As Mary told the story, there were times as she told something funny, that her head tilted back and she laughed and he could see the young woman from the photos and understood why Henry had fallen in love with her.

He asked Mary why she had hidden the box in the floor crawlspace and she explained how Henry had built that house for her family with his own hands and that it had seemed fitting that it rest with the house after she had left and started a new life.

Suddenly Mary grabbed Paul’s hands and stared him in the eyes and said, “You have a deep, strong heart to give to someone”. He explained to her that as soon as he was finished the house renovations, he was going to buy an engagement ring for his girl friend Rachel.

Mary placed the ring in Paul’s hands and said, that the ring had come full circle. He was renovating the house and so the ring was meant for him. As Mary smiled, the diamond seemed to sparkle a little more. Paul closed his fingers around the delicate ring and pictured Rachel’s face on Christmas morning as she opens the box.

The perfect Christmas gift for his fiance. This perfect Christmas gift for your fiance.

Give your girl her endless love story.

Appraised at $699.95 (Certificate of Appraisal included)

You can walk away with this stunning engagement ring for only $500 OBO

14 ct Yellow Gold

.09 ct brilliant cut of SI1 Clarity (very high quality) and J Colour Diamond

Two .01 ct round brilliant diamonds in the shank

Size 8

Light up her face on Christmas morning.

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