Wednesday, December 7, 2011

YSAK 467: Proof that video games ruin your spelling (NSFW)

I'm amazed this guy can sell anything, since virtually every item in his lineup is spelled wrong. Searchers won't land on his stuff. For example, here's the listing you'll see after the jump. The photo alone will lure viewers, but the text won't:

Super Nintino Mint condititon
Price $100.00

Super nintino cames with a bunch of games
Some others:
Price $50.00

nintino comes with over 40 games
Limited additition Franklyn Mint Collectors knife
Price $50.00

- Mint condititon FM Black Lab collectors knife
Mario Lemuix Rookie Card (Rare )

Mario lemuix Rookie Card in poor/ fair condition
Mint condition Sydney Crosby and Alexender Ovechkin Rookie class

- Rookie class adition
- Mint condition
- Upper Deck 05/06\

Okay, the eye-popping ad image follows the break.....

[ Sorry. Image removed at the request of an agency that has significant influence over the existence of this site. ]

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Anonymous said...
October 3, 2012 at 10:19 PM

she come with it?

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