Tuesday, December 13, 2011

YSAK 472: A picture worth 400 words

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2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited SUV
Price $22,500.00
Address Edmonton, AB T6L 1H6, Canada

Picture a nice spring day. It's the first nice day of the year, the sun is shining, and the first summer dresses and shorts are out. You're cruising with the sun roof open, the windows down and your 7 speaker Infinity sound system complete with sub-woofer pumping your favorite tunes. That's you in your chromed up Santa Fe Limited.

Now picture today. It's minus 1.3 billion degrees, it snowed about a foot last night, and you woke up freezing cold in bitter darkness. You probably won't even see the sun today. You leave your house to the sound of spinning tires stuck in the snow all along your street. You jump in your Santa Fe and of course it starts with no problems because it's been serviced regularly for free at the Hyundai dealership for the last 3 years. You flip on the seat warmer and bask in the glory of your warm butt in those cushy leather seats.

Some guy in his Dodge is stuck a couple houses down, but you don't want to help him so you decide to take the other direction to work today. It might take slightly longer, but it's better than helping that guy who never mows his lawn. You feel the tires of the Santa Fe slip a bit under the fresh snow, but it's no problem. Your Electronic Stability Control pulls you out without even the slightest hint of a fish tail.

You pull up to a traffic light and some young punk with a jacked up truck starts revving his engine. He wants to take you off the line. You flip on the Santa Fe's 4 wheel drive, put the automatic transmission into manual slap-shift mode and absolutely crush him when the light turns green. He's backwards in the intersection and your Santa Fe didn't even twist in the snow.

This Santa Fe is the safest, most functional vehicle you will ever drive. It's sexy, it's economical and it has a huge amount of interior space. If you're camping you can flip the backseat down and fit a double mattress in the back. The front seats also recline into a complete "bed-like" form in a couple seconds. This is the ultimate road trip vehicle built for any type of weather and driving conditions. The 3.3L V6 has got enough power to pass anybody on a winding mountain road, and you can fit 5 people with skis and boards without any issue.

This was my first new car and I treated it like a first born child (except this first born was never dropped on it's head). It's a great vehicle for young, old, singles or families. It's also great on gas and easy to drive. Warranty is good for 28,000 MORE kms or 2 MORE years. Pictures will be posted shortly (I've "painted one until then"). It looks like all other white Santa Fe's, except this one is in better condition.

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