Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Also in London, another Kijiji ring with the opposite outcome

Meantime, a different diamond ring story from Kijiji London.

Hot on the heels of today's heartwarming good-news story about a stolen championship ring being returned thanks to a Kijiji user, a bad-news story from the very same city about another ring and a more sinister outcome.

London police say a Kijiji-er placed an ad in December 2011 for a diamond ring valued at nearly $5000.

After getting an offer by email, the seller took the reasonable precaution of setting up a meeting in a local parking lot to show the buyer the ring. They got together along Richmond Street near the University of Western Ontario.

The seller handed over the ring for inspection, and YOINK! Off goes the guy with the $5000 ring. Goddammit!

The seller called UWO Campus Police, who turned the case over to the regular cops.

Detectives have made an arrest! Search warrants at two London addresses were not able to find the ring, but they got enough to put the cuffs on 23-year-old Kyle Dougherty of London. He's charged with one count of theft under $5000.

Could the ring head back to Kijiji one day? It's a .75kt, 14kt white gold, diamond ring, size 7.25.

London police and www.londoncrimestoppers.com are taking tips.

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