Monday, January 23, 2012

Contest: Kijiji Swag Giveaway at You Suck at Kijiji!

To celebrate the 500th ad mocked or celebrated at, I'm running a contest!

You could win a collection of Kijiji swag donated by the folks at Kijiji Canada. Pics of the loot are below -- I have a Kijiji giraffe, coffee mug, water bottle, t-shirt, bumper sticker, fridge magnet, note pad and pen.

Entering is as easy or as complicated as you want it to be!

- Leave a comment on this post with a few words about your favourite of the 500 posts to get one entry. (If you comment anonymously, obviously you can't win.)
- Sign up as a new follower to @yousuckatkijiji on Twitter to get one entry (send me a tweet to let me know you're a new follower!)

- Write an article for about your wow-good or funny-bad Kijiji experience for three entries. I'm not looking for any "I used Kijiji and I got ripped off, so I hate Kijiji" stories -- maybe an ad or transaction that was so bad it was hilarious, or a funny response to an ad you posted that ended in a fun way. Use the Contact page.

Let's get the word out! Tweet it to your friends. Put it on your Facebook wall. Scribble it on a post-it note and stick it to the next thing you sell on Kijiji.

The URL to share is easy:

Entries will close on Wednesday, February 29, 2012. I will line up all the entries and run a random-number generator to select one winner, and ship the box of Kijiji swag right to ya! Again, if you want to win, I'd better have some way to find you.

Let's have some fun and bring in a ton of new readers and new stories to help teach people that they don't have to suck at Kijiji.

4 Responses to “Contest: Kijiji Swag Giveaway at You Suck at Kijiji!”

Anonymous said...
January 23, 2012 at 12:06 PM

My favorite article from YouSuckAtKijiji was because I got a plug in it.

I would like the water bottle. Thanks! @hfxgirl
(not really)

LimeLolly said...
February 3, 2012 at 6:22 PM

I haven't gotten through all 500+ posts yet... so I guess my favorite is any I've commented on. :)

Jonnie (JB) said...
February 12, 2012 at 2:27 AM

I like #370. I have no idea what it is actually about but I love that he uses "tomoral" instead of "tomorrow" twice!

MadAtSears said...
February 21, 2012 at 2:59 PM

My favorite is the Moncton snowblower guy:

Because I'm a Moncton snowblower guy too.

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