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Dreaming of a Kijiji Mustang? You're not alone

Kijiji Canada recently released some top-ten lists relating to the most common searches in 2011. Yeah, it's 2012 now, but these lists can still be a handy guideline for deciding whether the item you're thinking of selling will be a popular purchase.

Nationwide, the top Kijiji searches were:

  1. iPhone
  2. Mustang
  3. Honda
  4. Civic
  5. Jeep
  6. iPad
  7. iPhone 4
  8. Blackberry
  9. BMW
  10. Camaro

Kijiji says that doesn't mean everyone's buying Mustangs online. People are probably daydreaming. As you know, I watch Twitter like a hawk for any mention of Kijiji, and I've observed that plenty of people sit at their computers for hours gawking at puppies without any intention of buying one. Some people browse Kijiji like they're window shopping at the mall.

Now, the popular searches are not uniform across this great nation. Kijiji Calgary has a different top-10 list than Kijiji Moncton or Kijiji Toronto. Let's break it down by region.

    Ontario:                                 Prairies:

1. Blackberry                                 1. Blackberry

2. iPhone                                 2. Baby items

3. Chair                                 3. Chair

4. Antique                                 4. iPhone

5. Baby items                                 5. Antique

6. Xbox                                 6. Oilers tickets

7. Sony               British Columbia:               7. Ikea

8. Desk               1. Chair               8. Desk

9. iPod               2. Desk               9. Xbox

10 Bike               3. Antique               10. Tickets
                                4. Computer                  
                                5. Ikea                  
              Quebec:               6. Dining               Atlantic Canada:
              1. iPhone               7. Couch               1. Dress
              2. Meuble               8. Bike               2. Baby items
              3. Blackberry               9. Baby (items)               3. Chair
              4. Chaise               10. Mattress               4. Antique
              5. Manteau                                 5. Blackberry
              6. Ordinateur                                 6. Xbox
              7. VĂ©lo                                 7. Girls items
              8. Antique                                 8. Computer
              9. Laptop                                 9. Desk
              10. Laveuse                                 10. Jacket

Not what you might have expected, huh?

My favourite from the list -- #9 from BC. "Baby (items)" instead of just "Baby". No, it's not okay to buy and sell babies on Kijiji, even in British Columbia.

So, if you're at Kijiji Halifax and want to sell a dress -- looks good. Kijiji Sudbury with a Blackberry? Go for it. Kijiji Winnipeg with an iPhone? Odds are you'll find a buyer.

Whatever you're selling, make sure it's in the right category. I saw a guy wanting to buy guitars today, and he had two ads (a no-no): one in "jobs > other" and the other in "electronics". People who usually check "musical instruments" will never find the guy.

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