Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Excitement over women's underwear thanks to Kijiji post

halifax victoria's secret kijiji underwear
Halifax is a city that lusts after the luxuries some other cities take for granted. It had the first Ikea in Canada, then lost it. It had some big-name outdoor concerts, but it turned out attendance figures were inflated and the shows were financed through inappropriate cash dealings at City Hall. Halifax wants a stadium. Halifax has no Denny's. Halifax is the biggest, rockin'-est city east of Montreal, but it's a bit jealous in the retail department.

Whenever a new retailer is rumoured to be coming to town, the city wets itself with anticipation. The latest rumours have been about an Apple Store at the Halifax Shopping Centre, and Victoria's Secret, also at the Halifax Shopping Centre.

This week, the bra and panties rumour came true, thanks to Kijiji.

Mall staff are notoriously stingy with details on new openings, not wanting to piss off the tenants before they can make the announcement. In this case, the mall got scooped thanks to an online classified ad that went up yesterday on the Halifax Kijiji site.

Nova Scotia first Victoria’s Secret store is opening up in Halifax Shopping Center August 2012. We are currently recruiting for seasoned retail store management with high volume experience to join our team as we launch Victoria’s Secret into Canada.
The addition of steamy lace underwear purveyor Victoria's Secret in Halifax means someone's gotta go, and in this case, it's Bluenotes. An anonymous manager says that's shitty, since sales were good over Christmas.

What does mall management and the retail leasing agent say about all this? Nothing. They're content to be one-upped by sites like this one. Go figure.

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