Thursday, January 5, 2012

Famous band seeks new member -- through Kijiji

Maybe not famous to you, but New Brunswick's long-popular blues band Ross Neilsen and the Sufferin' Bastards decided it was time for some changes. And it chose Kijiji, of all places, to announce the changes.

Neilsen, with drummer Karl Gans, will keep rocking, but after 13 years, Bastard Shawn Worden is out of the band.

Journalist Bob Mersereau writes about it on the CBC web site:

So, it's done and that's Neilsen on the record about it. Moving on, there's an open position to fill, and Neilsen says the Kijiji ad is getting lots of buzz. "I've had a lot of folks reach out," he says. "Some that were on my list and some that were nice surprises. Some I had never heard of before but am certainly intrigued by. At this point I want to see what the interest is and start collecting names for auditions. I plan on having candidates in to jam as soon as January. I hope the search will only last a month but in reality, it will last until Karl and I find a person that can fill all the rolls we require. Professionally and personally. We are a hard touring band. We don't make a lot of money. We live for playing live. The person who wins this contest is going to be a great bassist and must have a laid back flexible personality. We live together, in a van, for MINIMUM of four months a year. That is hard to do. Not just anyone can put up with this kind of lifestyle. We also want someone who wants to be in a band and will put that first above all else. someone who can see the possibilities down the road. 2011 was my biggest year in every way. We played some awesome festivals and I want to come out of the gates bigger, badder and better than ever."
The new trio will also get a new name -- no more Bastards.

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