Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Bonus: Triple word score

In a universe where letters are precious, this poster uses an awful lot of words to say "I want to pay cash for your used Scrabble games so I can make crafts with the letter tiles." But, as we've seen, long-form ads are all the rage these days, so let's give 'er a go.

(FYI, the word "Kijiji" would score 24 points in Scrabble according to a Scrabble Calculator.)

Thanks to @BeccaColes for thinking of us!

Wanted: Used Scrabble Tiles

Picture this. You're sitting on the couch, watching television. Look over at the shelf. What do you see? A cobweb-collecting, dust-catching, mile-high pile of boxes. The boxes are torn. There's tape around the corners to hold them together. At the top of the pile, the faded lettering on two of the boxes says, 'Monopoly' and 'The Game of LIFE.' Near the bottom, the box squeezed in between 'Battleship' and 'Candy Land' has 'Scrabble' written on it.

Oh board games. Before 2000, they provided such fun when the power went out. Now in 2012, they sit there on the dusty, old shelf, crying out for your affection. Except not really, because board games can't cry. Not even in Toy Story.

What to do with these games? You can't bear to throw them out. Perhaps some day the kids will decide they want to do a wholesome, family activity. Hah. Who am I kidding? Why would they want to interact with their family, when they can play these same games on their iGadgets and their Interweb Doohickeys? No offense, Mom and Dad.

Donation. There's an idea. I'm sure Value Village would happily accept these board games, but what happens when an eight-year-old spends their hard-earned allowance on a used Scrabble game? I'm sure Value Village isn't going to count out the pieces to ensure that they are all there. What does that leave you with? A child with a broken heart because one of the precious blank tiles is missing. You don't want to traumatize a child for life, now do you? I mean, with Monopoly, if you're missing the boot or the thimble, there's about one hundred other pieces you can use. Even if you manage to lose all those pieces, any small household item can replace the tokens. A penny? Yep. A paper clip? You bet, but it just doesn't work that way with Scrabble.

Lucky for you, Kijijij Viewer, I have a solution! I want to buy that dusty old game of Scrabble. I'm a craft type, so I'm looking for tiles for that reason. For real! If I had Scrabble tiles, I could have made a real Kijiji sign, instead of copying and pasting letters in MS Paint! But until you sell me your tiles, this image will have to do. Was your dog too tempted by that B tile and now it's sitting in a heap, out in your yard? Did the letter T get devoured into the hungry maw of your vacuum? That's no problem! I still want 'em!

I haven't even told you the best part. I'll come pick them up in the Charlottetown area AND will pay you for the tiles! Talk about getting your cake and eating it too!

So don't let those board games to go to a landfill, and don't traumatize a thrifty eight-year-old. Get in touch via email, and we'll work something out!

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LimeLolly said...
January 28, 2012 at 9:16 AM

Someone is trying too hard to be clever. And it can't be me, because I just woke up!

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