Monday, January 9, 2012

YSAK 483: Newfie sellin 'er on the jeejee, b'y

The "best Kijiji ad ever" least in the opinions of Tweeters today:

1985 yamaha TRI Z 250 22,000 FIRM OBO
Price $22,000.00
Address Botwood, NL, Canada
Kilometers 99999
Engine Displacement (cc) 250
Colour Other

Buddy let me tell ya this thing is a beast.
If you want to turn heads than this Tri-Z is for you. She got a brand new weisco piston put in 4 years ago, she got so much compression the last time I kicked her over it broke my ankle and sent me clean over the shed. One of the bys with a corvette clocked me off on the highway doing 255 km/h, and that was only half throttle in third gear.
Had a few offer so far Robbie Kanevil came to look at her and said if he had his time back he would have jumped the Grand Canyon with it instead of the cr500, He also said that he liked how I used JB weld for gaskets and the assortment of standard and metric bolts. The plastics are in deadly shape, had them professionally rabbit wired. I put two extra clutch plates in her so shes a custom 7 speed with a hinson clutch basket. I still have the original plug in it and the original tires about 95%. I'm the 14th owner, I bought her in Alberta,she went first kick in -45 and never used no choke and i did a wheelie from Ft Mac to Botwood and that was towing the ol F-150 cause the tranny was bad in er. reason for selling doctor told me the other day that if i keeps breakin the sound barrier on her ill be deaf by the time im 30. Comes with a plow i got from when i was working with the Department of highways, because that crowd dont use it anyway. I might trade for a half dozen transmissions that will fit an 05 ford f 150 or partial trade with canadian tire money and cash.

Price in $31,000 firm OBO price will go up when the summer comes
For more info call Jeff 208 xxxx

Me, I'm getting tired of the "extra hype" genre of Kijiji ads, but adding an accent gives it some extra life.

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