Friday, January 13, 2012

YSAK 492: Church for cheap! (No delivery)

In the small town of Cupar, Saskatchewan stands an old wooden church. It was built in 1906, just a year after the town was established 75 km northeast of Regina.

Albert and Ida Sakal bought the land and the building last fall for around $14,000. They want to build a house there. Problem is, St. Mary's Anglican is in the way.

See, with a population of 625, Cupar is well-served. Three other churches are still running. And, heck, Anglicans? Do they need a whole church? An archivist at the Diocese in Regina says it's not unusual for churches to fold, and for the buildings to be deconsecrated or secularized. Sometimes people move away. Sometimes people just stop going.

So Mr. Sakal did what anyone would do. He listed the church on Kijiji. Price? One thousand dollars, or best offer. As long as you come to pick it up. The Kijiji ad went up, fittingly, last Sunday. By late in the week, the listing had been visited nearly 1400 times.

No takers yet, but Sakal says that could change soon. About ten looky-loos have come by to have a look. One can only imagine the low-ball offers he's been getting.

If you're interested, be advised: unlike other contemporary small-town churches, this one doesn't come with a graveyard.

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