Sunday, January 15, 2012

YSAK 493: Why you need an artificial leg (which you do)

Budding adrepreneur Weh Ming Cho is back with another hit, and this is my favourite from his recent works. I say recent, because Mr. Cho has gone through the You Suck At Kijiji Archives and found two of his early pieces buried in the pile.

Have a look at the oldies. Wayyyy back at Kijiji Suck 96, he sought a scooter. Then Kijiji Suck 248 had Cho selling a TV stand with hidden powers.

Today, he's hustling a prosthetic leg. The subject matter alone lends itself to an interesting story, and Cho gives us more than we'd expect.

You Pick the Price - I'll pick my nose, my friends, my outfits..
Price Please contact
Address St John, NB E2N 1P5, Canada

One legged man with a ski for a foot
Are you:

A pirate? It's time to upgrade!

A former lion tamer? Get back in the ring!

A hiker who didn't tell anyone where you were going and then you got stuck under a rock for a few days? This would be a great way to conclude your story if they make a movie about your life (and you should always leave a note).

A science fiction fan and collector of memorabilia? Then you should check out this early cybernetic limb replacement. It pretty much only goes "click - clap" when you walk with it, but you can add your own sound effects if you'd like.

A guy that killed a doctor's wife and then disappeared, forcing the doctor (who had been convicted of the crime) to escape from jail and hunt you down? You might need a spare for all that running.

A hipster? "I was replacing my limbs before it was cool."

Lonely, and looking for a clever way to introduce yourself to the ladies at the bar. "Why yes, this is a third leg and I -AM- happy to see you!"

Someone with a friend or loved one that meets the above criteria?

I have all my limbs and pieces (except for that part of your brain that governs fashion sense) so I don't need this prosthetic leg. I was saving it for a rainy day, but I think it's time to let it go. I also realize that I'm wearing it on the wrong leg in the picture, but that's just further proof that I really don't need it. Why should it languish in my basement when it could be walking around with you?

So send me an email to discuss the terms of how we can make this old artificial leg (that I totally didn't steal from someone) yours!

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