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YSAK 497: Jimmy Carter shows you his peanut

jimmy carter peanut man kijiji
Hey, bebbeh. Wanna see my peanut?
(Click to enlarge...picture.)
I found this while Viewing Poster's Other Ads, with the Other Ad being "FREE Box of 60+ Costco Frozen Waffles Purchased by guests over Christmas Holidays and never eaten" ... someone has some weird stuff in their house.

What we have here is described as a toy from the 1960s. I don't think that's quite correct, because I was able to deduce that this is a gag toy related to Jimmy Carter. I was just a child when Carter was President of the USA, but if I recall correctly, he was a peanut farmer. And he had those big teeth. And he liked to show off his penis. No? He didn't have big teeth? I was pretty sure of that.

Anyway, a bit of searching turned up a listing for the same toy at a Carter collectibles site:
Caricature of Jimmy Carter with huge smile. Made of plastic, this 7-1/4" image on pedestal shows a partially nude "Carter" with a white towel with "P" design wrapped around mid-section. Push down on his head and large peanut protrudes from towel. (Now we know the reason for the big smile.) Produced in 1977. In orig. illus. box.
What strikes me as odd here is that the Kijiji listing purports to have the toy in its original box, but somehow Carter's towel has been replaced by a kilt. Carter, again from memory, since I'm writing this during the Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout, was from Georgia. I don't think Georgia is known for kilts. Something on this toy may be, howyousay, aftermarket.

This ad has been up for about three weeks on Kijiji, despite being labelled a plastic adult novelty toy. Either it's been flagged and vetted as family-friendly, or nobody's seen fit to complain about it. Looks essentially harmless.

Jimmy Carter's presidency led to Ronald Reagan taking over the USA, Brian Mulroney ruling Canada, then a bunch of stuff happened, and ta-da, Stephen Harper and lego.

Sorry, folks, no Wikipedia, no history lesson.

The Peanut Man Adult Plastic Novelty Toy in Original Box 1960s
Price $15.00

Adult Novelty Toy in Original Box

This should NOT be given to children. It is a vintage plastic adult toy which answers several questions including: What are you wearing under that kilt? Would you like a peanut? Could this toy be any more vulgar? Push on the statue's head and get a big surprise. A perfect gag gift for that special adult with a dirty mind and a good sense of humor. It never fails to elicit a laugh and a wince at the same time.

Email to arrange pickup in Kanata area.

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