Saturday, January 21, 2012

YSAK 501: Money-hungry banks won't lend to me; Will you?

Twitter user Heather Feather spotted this screaming request for a personal loan posted in the Windsor Ontario Kijiji site from .... Bristol, Maine in the USA. Ignore for a second that the geography makes no sense, and I can't fathom how it's even possible to post an ad from the USA in Canada with success. Forget that it's under "Community > Other." Let's get into the dissection.

NEED 15,000 LOAN
Address N8E, Bristol, ME 04554, USA

Okay, $15k at $250/month. If no interest is charged, that'll take five years, 60 months, to pay back.

Think about this. Banks love to lend money. They make money lending money. Any bank that thinks there's the slightest chance this guy could pay back the money would lend it to him. The fact that buddy can't get a regular loan is evidence that he won't or can't pay it back.

A company is going to send him to collections? Can you guess why? Because he hasn't paid back money he borrowed. He owes someone money and is not paying. Obviously he's not going to pay you back, either.

I don't understand the line "I can't have good credit since im the only income." Sir, you don't HAVE good credit. Not paying your bills ensures you have BAD credit.

Friends, allow this to be a personal life lesson to you. You can't borrow your way out of debt. Borrowing money to pay another loan doesn't pay off the loan -- it just changes who you owe. Don't spend money you don't have. Debt is dumb. Cash is king, especially on Kijiji.

But this guy is so deeply deluded, he's actually looking to get more shovels to dig a bigger hole.

i need to get a blackberry but afew years ago i was sent to collections ( i paid it but apparently it stays on ur credit record for 7 yrs) and now i cant get a phone under my name. Im hoping someone can put a blackberry bold 9900 under their name and ill obviously pay for my phone every month AND im willing to pay HALF of your bill a month as well.. that sounds like a great deal.. a phone under ur name for me and ill pay half ur bill every month!.. until the contract is over!!!! let me know.. serious enquiries only plz
Another chapter in his life story comes out. He's been skipping on his bills for nearly a decade. How do I know? Well, they don't send collections after you unless you've been NOT paying your bill. If you're still paying your bill, even a bit, they keep it in-house. After they're convinced you're not going to pay your bill to them, they send out the professionals. That takes a while. So, this guy was tailed for a while by the collectors and eventually got it paid off. That took a while. But he was such a deadbeat, it stayed on his record for seven years.

Now the phone companies are smart enough not to sign him up. Phone companies, like banks, would love love love to put you on the hook for a contract, but in this case, they KNOW this guy won't pay. Are you stupid enough to think he'll pay YOU? Obviously he won't. He knows that if he never gives you a penny, it's you who'll be on the hook for the entire thing.

When this guy first started spending money he didn't have, you can bet that he never imagined writing a cross-border all-caps advertisement begging for fifteen thousand dollars in cash from a gullible stranger.

I'm not cold-hearted. I'm a realist. This guy is in big, big trouble. I feel bad for his family, who may have no idea that he's done some very stupid things that have put them at tremendous risk. I hope he finds a proper way to dig his way out of this hole before some wiseguy puts him in a hole.

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