Monday, January 23, 2012

YSAK 505: Doggy bag for snack-sized dog (eaten)

When your dog is the size of a rat, you run into some positives and negatives. On the plus size, you can pretend to be a stupid spoiled whore like Paris Hilton. On the down side, you run the risk of your dog being eaten by a larger dog. That seems to be the fate that befell our latest poster, and now she's stuck with a bag and assorted mini-pooch accoutrements, which can be yours if the price is right.

Small dog clothes and dog carry bag
Price $45.00
Address Edmonton, AB T5K 1N3, Canada

I am selling these items because my dog was eaten by a regular-sized dog. I will never again make the mistake of buying a snack-sized dog.
The clothes and bag used to fit my small yorkie/chihuahua/rat perfectly, and they are ideal for a dog that is about 7 lbs or less.
These cute doggie clothes are great if you have a small dog who is often cold or has low self esteem (a new wardrobe is the best way to boost a dog's confidence). This collection will suit you perfectly if you are a billionaire heiress or if you want to appear as though you like to waste your money.
The clothing items were a ripoff at $20-$40 each, but I splurged on them because my dog looked like a rat and she was insecure about it. They are all in good condition. I don't remember what I paid for the bag. I don't want to remember. The bag looks new, as it was rarely used since my dog didn't like being toted around like a retard. I will point out that if the dog had stayed in the bag, it probably wouldn't have been eaten. Let that be a lesson to you. Get your dog a bag (this one).

Included: 1 pink (with brown polka dots) dog carrying bag that is approximately 14" x 14" x 8" (I measured it by staring intently at it until I decided to invent those figures). The following clothing items are also included (see pictures), and they fit a small chihuahua-sized dog:
-1 white bath robe
-1 yellow rain coat
-1 black t-shirt
-1 pink hoodie
-1 white/blue argyll sweater (perfect if your dog is an accountant or a golfer)
-1 pink/black dress with crystal bejeweling (perfect if your dog is a slutt). I've included a picture of my dog wearing the dress so you can gauge the approximate size of the dog/dress. Part of a teenage girl's head is included for size reference.
-1 bonus little chew toy rope thing is also included

Items can be picked up downtown. Your dog may try the clothes on as long as it doesn't look at me while trying them on.

Small dog nuzzles teen girl`s breasts
Yes, I put this one in the Hall of Fame category. I think it's quite clever.

1 Responses to “YSAK 505: Doggy bag for snack-sized dog (eaten)”

Anonymous said...
January 26, 2012 at 10:59 AM

It seems like the author has some pent-up issues about buying a 'rat-dog' that was both an accountant and a slut, looked 'like a retard' in its bag, but was nevertheless eaten. No wonder the dog had low self esteem. Perhaps they should include doggy counselling with this purchase so their next portable pooch doesn't commit suicide.

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