Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kijiji user sets up sting operation over stolen Orange Bowl ring

Police are saying thanks to an eagle-eyed Kijiji-er in London Ontario for an "unselfish act" that helped return a blingy piece of stolen loot.

A Londoner browsing London Kijiji classifieds spotted a 2001 National Orange Bowl Florida State championship football ring that was for sale. The ring was inscribed with the player's jersey number and their last name.

The ring had been issued to football player Jeff Womble, #91.

This was one of the smart Kijiji-ers. He or she did some due diligence on the internet and learned that Womble's rings had been stolen. The citizen set up a sting operation to buy the ring for $1500. The plan was to buy the ring, pay full asking price, and give Womble the ring, no questions asked, as a "new year-pay it forward gesture."

But before the meet-up, the budding sleuth contacted Womble to confirm that this was indeed the stolen ring. Womble wisely suggested getting the cops on the case so no one would be out any cash.

So, the London Police Service got involved, were briefed, made contact with the seller and recovered the stolen Florida State Orange Bowl ring.

Turns out the seller wasn't the thief -- it was bought a few years ago through a private sale.

Womble and his ring, stolen in 2001 from a Florida address, are being reunited.

Sparkle sparkle!

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