Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Insipired by the snowblower ad: A SNOWBLOWER AD!

A fella by the name of BuyMySnowblower submits an article for entry into the Kijiji Swag Giveaway Contest (ENTER NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!) featuring his short-lived homage to Weh Ming Cho's legendary snowblower ad, with a side order of Picnicface's classic Powerthirst ad. Enjoy.

He writes:

Dig your site and dig the Moncton snowblower guy.

Yesterday, I posted my own Moncton snowerblower ad, but it only lasted a few hours on Kijiji before being sold.

The good news is you can still watch the Monster-Truck-Style commercial I created for it:

My Ad was a copy of the script, which also appears in the Description of the video.

Not sure if you can do anything with this, it was a Kijiji ad for a morning, now its just another video on YouTube.

I thought it was amusing, so did they guy who bought it.

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