Thursday, February 2, 2012

YSAK 513: Eager to stop buylling by KICKING SOMEONE'S ASS

Everyone knows that the best way to prove that violence doesn't solve anything is to beat the living shit out of someone. Is someone spreading rumours that you're a slut? Feed them their teeth and show them that SLUTS CAN HIRE BIG GUYS ON KIJIJI. Teen getting picked on? STOMP A MUDHOLE IN THAT KID.

Or so goes the logic in this ad from Kijiji Edmonton:


Hi I'm Chris I'm 26, 6'6 280 lbs, I'm a bullies worst nightmare. I hear lots about young adults and kids being bullied and it pisses me off, If you need help dealing with you situation send me an email and maybe we can work something out.

I Take cash money and I have a garentee this bully ain't gonna bug you for 6 months after that they might need a refresher....

I can be your brother, uncle, cousin, UFC teacher, whatever you think of to get this bully off your back. Trust me I can hold my own, I'm not scared to deal with anyone, I have friends to back me up when it comes to a group of "thugs"

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