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YSAK 519: The adorable tale of Cornelius the Bearded Dragon

The Tale of Cornelius the Bearded Dragon
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Cornelius the Bearded Dragon
The Tale of Cornelius the Bearded Dragon

Once upon a time there was a magical Bearded Dragon named Cornelius.

Okay, he wasn't really magical, but he did have really groovy spines.

Cornelius spent his days perched majestically on a stick in his warm enclosure, thinking of nothing much in particular. Every 3 days or so the dragon enjoyed a speedy romp around in the sand as he captured crunchy crickets. Secretly Cornelius pretended they were knights and smiled with deep satisfaction as his sticky tongue pulled his victims into his gaping mouth.

Bearded dragons cannot smile as such, so this part is merely speculation on the part of the writer.

But what Cornelius enjoyed most was his care provided by a young Prince from beyond Cornelius' enclosure. Oh how he loved the grapes and kale the Prince would bring him. And imagine his delight in the live food the Price gifted every few days. But most of all, Cornelius loved his warm baths followed by a special cuddle with the kind young Prince.

Sadly the baths and cuddles became further between and Cornelius grew sadder and sadder. The Prince became more and more forgetful as the days passed. And both Price and Dragon were disheartened.

One day, just as Cornelius passed his third birthday, the Queen gathered the royal family for a meeting. For many moons the Queen had watched the Prince forget to care for Cornelius far too many times. She had equally reminded her young Prince daily to continue his care for the Cornelius. The Queen, once a beautiful young mother, developed lines of sadness and grey hairs of impatience. For the queen was kind at heart and yearned to see a better life for Cornelius.

So as the sun set on the castle the wise Queen made a regal proclamation: "The Dragon must leave this land for another."

So this is where you can write the ending for the story of Cornelius the Dragon. We do want it to be a happy ending, so please, only those who are brave and kind at heart, who possess the patience, skill and responsibility to care for a Dragon, are asked to continue the story and take Cornelius into their lives.
Big thanks to Rhonda for this beautiful tale.

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