Saturday, February 25, 2012

Batsh*t crazy Kijiji nutbars belong under "Community, Other" (529)

Oh my goodness gracious, this post is ... out there. It's going to take more brain power than I can muster right now to decipher this prophet's code and figure out what's going on. But for now, I suspect it's a guy who would've followed the bad guy from the most recent season of Dexter. If you haven't watched it, that's not a spoiler -- it's a tip that if this ad intrigues you, you'll bloody LOVE the most recent season of Dexter. Dexter Season 5, if I remember correctly. Anyway, on with the delusional scribblings:

Found by @700ftceiling in Kijiji Ontario > Belleville Area > Belleville > community > other >
update /////December 21st 2012

4 ancient civilizations from different parts of the world and history predicted our lives will change.What do you do if the power dies, all the food is gone, your kids are sick and there's nowhere to take them.what happens when armed men show up at your house after your food and water.What do you do when power is out and you have no heat. I know it sounds scary and i know many will trust in government to fix and save them. The government cant balance a budget, it cant fix homelessness, food banks are stressed to the breaking point,corruption in government and police is rampant,you want to trust your survival and your family,s to people who lie ,cheat and steal for a living ??? . Talk to politicians , police ,rich pillars of the community. They all have a plan to survive , a safe place to take their families when it come crashing down. I have property that's extremely secluded, fresh water supply, a seed bank, and by December it will be ready, stocked with months of food, safe and comfortable. I will only leave this post up for 2 weeks. I will only have room for maybe 20 people or so. If nothing happens we divide up the food and take what we brought back and we go back to our lives. If the worst happens at least you have a fighting chance.
I have much that needs doing in the next few months. If u want in e-mail me and i can send you more info. So far we have 5 people as i type this and doubt by next week any spots will be left. We are looking for Campers, trailers, wood stoves, army tents. Stay safe
As of Saturday 25th 9 people confirmed.
I looked for this poster's other ads, hoping to witness the unfolding globomegasuperpocalypse unfold before me on Kijiji, but this is all that's turned up ..... SO FAR! Mwamhahahah.

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