Friday, March 9, 2012

Someone in Saint John is angry....and crazy (539)

Whoa, buddy. Kijiji is not the place to vent your frustration at the world or randomly rant about the man holding you down. You know what's keeping you from success? Perhaps not being able to communicate your ideas in a cogent manner. Seriously, I would not hire someone to make a sign for my business if the sign-maker cannot SPELL the word "business"!

But this isn't his only rant on Kijiji Saint John. Read the first one ... then the others.
this should not be happening, but it is
Address St John, NB, Canada

I should have a nice shop space to make and sell my 3D signs and logos.I should be a guest on the dragons den show for my sign making creativity.Businees real estate owners should be critized for acting like lawyers and demanding huge rents on their commercial properties,if i had my sign shop by now and was allowed to make my crafts i would be out of poverty and would hire other unemployed people to work in my shops.this story about people are to lazy to work is mostly made up,to suppresss and fuel interests me a space for my businnesss and i will prove many many people wrong,because they are
remember me

i am that guy that critizes landlords for keeping peopel on assistance out of their nice buildings.Now i am finding out that some landlords will rent to women oon assistance if they put out sex from girlfriend hs twice been sexually advanced by two different landlords when she stated social assistance ,where are the women groups when to hear womens theory is still correct rich people are very bad people and poor people have to keep taking their abuse whether they are christian ministers or not wealthy people are cut fromthe same cloth.the media are now aware of this and have printed articles on their strange behavior
Wanted: family looking to rent home mccallister area

my girlfriend and her daughter and child are looking for a home that would include heat and lights and lightnest on the deposit.We welcome any short cuts to proper housing,as housing has become complicated ,due to our society not using the holy spirit jesus sent into the world

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DigitalAxis said...
March 15, 2012 at 12:28 PM

[i]due to our society not using the holy spirit jesus sent into the world[/i]

Well, I tried to, but I couldn't figure out how to screw it in. It's non-stick, right?

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