Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our child has no friends. Come to his party. (551)

This one's kind of sad. Thank goodness there's a spelling mistake to make it funny. Also, the event has already passed: It was in the 24rd. I wonder if they found the guests? Mom Vanessa posted eight (8!) ads looking for guests to brake the pinata.

Help us brake the pinata, we need two more guest

my son Kevin (5) who's birthday is coming up soon on the (24rd) and I have promised him a birthday party, but we recently moved here and I don't know many people none the less with children... we can't really have a party without guest...

If any single moms or lonely parents want to come and join us for some light snacks, cake, dance, games and pinata for the kids. Children must be around my sons age, younger children may get hurt with the pinata or games we may play. Also, you dont need to bring a gift... I understand that is hard for some people to even afford Christmas these days, I know he will enjoy a birthday party where he can have other children to interact with, rather than getting all kinds of presents but alone and teddies as guest.

If any anyone is interested in join in us, let me know with in a three days advance as my place isn't very large and I cant have more than four children jumping at the same time... ( I have two children already coming... )

The party will take place at my location, in the SW downtown community. It wont be more than 3 hours long 2-5 PM. Food, Games and prizes for the children with the birthday boy's pinata off course.

Vegetarian friendly
Organic meals

Me and my son have spend hours making these pinata, help us brake it together :)

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