Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lawyers, bleargh, alien bugs (559)

Got some land for sale in Peterborough? Contact this guy, but leave the lawyer at home.

Wanted: 1000 bucks an acre
Price $1,000.00
Address Peterborough, ON K9J 2E1, Canada

ever wonder why people live in poverty in the city? corruption of upper levels . I needed some land 20-25 years ago. someone want to tell that arghn lawyer. ok, I am owed alot of money, got it. I can afford your arghn land. if you have some land, then get back to me by emailing me, but don't if you are a rude adkfjasdklfj.
'the wicked shall be uprooted from the land' - Jesus Christ
lawyers don't know how to do math. never met such gerks in all my life. i am not happy. if you have some land to give away, then I will take it off your hands, but only if it clean and not nuclear or chemical waste zone or inhabited by alien bugs. thank you

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