Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Having a camera does not make you a photographer (563)

Let's start with the obvious: You're selling a wedding package with a picture of a BABY. Awfully presumptuous of you.

If you cannot spell "lens", I do not consider you a professional photographer. Inheriting youre parents' camera gear does not make you a professional photographer.

Laughing baby in funny hat

Wedding Special $750.00 from professional photographer.
Address Edmonton, AB, Canada

Romeo & Juliet Photographer present you a special prize package Platinum package deal a beautiful wedding album, 2 picture 24 inch by 36 inch size frame, and unlimited edited picture in CD for your right to print. We are building our website so we need your help to allow us to use your wedding picture for our website that is why the price is so cheap. We are professional. Our parent sold our wedding photographer business from the State back in 2005. So we are starting again to. We have the experience and the best equipment nikon d3x and the best camera lense, lighting equipment and photoshop CS5, website, digital fantasy background.Most photographer price is around $2000 and up to $6000. Don't be a fool paying that price, gave us a try because we care about our business.

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