Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's your turn to get baked and play Wii (564)

Having written about, what, almost 600 ads now, it takes a lot to make me chuckle. This ad made me chuckle. It's well worth the read.

I am the best person to deal with if you want a Wii. Trust me.
Price $250.00
Address Hayward Ave, St John's, NL A1C, Canada

I'm selling a Nintendo Wii, a few games and some other stuff that goes with it. I have spent enough of my life and money smoking weed and playing video games. Now it's your turn. I've since moved on to other drugs that aren't exactly conducive to the concentration necessary for hours of sitting in front of a television, so I figured someone looking to explore a new, or familiar, aspect of their life needs the right toys around. Ideal for university students who are living away from their parents for the first time and don't really give a slice about school and will probably miss most of their classes in lieu of smoking and eventually selling weed. You don't have to be high to enjoy this system, but it definitely helps.
I have four (4, IV, oven in french I think) Wiimote controllers + nunchuks. Even got a few fake tennis rackets so you can pretend to be Monica Seles without getting stabbed, and some steering wheels so you act like Dale Earnhardt without having to die. I got some rechargeable batteries that are alright to have around too. I'm too lazy to take pictures, but everything works, so don't worry about that.
Included (retail price on
Nintendo Wii ($150)
4 Wiimotes ($32 each)
4 Nunchuks ($22 each)
Wii Sports ($24) - bowling's alright.
Super Mario Galaxy ($25) - get high by yourself and this game will blow your mind. highly recommended.
Mario Strikers Charged ($44) - grab three friends, a few joints and a load of food. one of your buddies will probably be useless at this soccer game, but you'll figure out some system. dry bones is unreal, and fruity picks are always in play.
Zelda: Twilight Princess ($20) - my favorite zelda besides ocarina of time. herding cows and fishing is a laugh
Mario Kart ($56) - it's deadly. got a fake steering wheel and everything.
Wii Fit w/ balance board ($149) - pretend like you're going to exercise with it. i did. actually used it for about a week. get your girlfriend to lose some weight in the winter, i don't care.
I'll sell games individually if you're into that, for cheap enough. Let me know. I just remembered I bought a few old games on the WiiShop channel or whatever that's called, and there might be some money left on the account. I'm too lazy to plug it in again. I made some Miis to play with too. Pretty sure e-Hitler is there somewhere.
New, all of this gear would cost you over $700, plus tax. You can have it all for $300. And to be honest, if someone offers me $250 I'll probably take it. I didn't include my phone number because I'm trying to stay off the grid, but send me yours and we can text if you want, less awkward than calling.

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