Friday, April 27, 2012

Can't spell? Scientology won't help (574)

Quadruple-fail for this Kijiji ad from the Halifax franchise of Scientology:

- Fail 1: COURIOUS. Scientology has a process called "word clearing" which requires cult members to triple-study words and definitions. One of the key premises of L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology is the primacy of the misunderstood word. Apparently all this attention to language does NOT extend to spelling.
- Fail 2: How dare they presume that I am not not bad or evil? I am 100% certain that if I were to be evaluated by the highly-trained staff at the local Scientology mission, they would consider me a "Suppressive Person", or evil.
- Fail 3: Using a stolen stock image of a frowny person that still has the stock image watermark on it.
- Fail 4: It's Scientology, which has fail written into its DNA.

Are you courious about why you think bad thoughts?

Address Halifax, NS, Canada

I am fat. I hate myself. I will never win.
I am a nobody. I can't do anything right.
Etc. Etc. Etc.ETC.

The subject of Dianetics answers this question.
It tells you why and where these thoughts are coming from.

It also shows you how to get rid of these negative thoughts.

We are having a Dianetics Seminar every weekend.

It is two days of learning about Dianetics though videos and lectures.

You will learn and use Dianetic techniques during the seminar.
It is available to anyone who really wants the answers to their life's problems.

You are not bad or evil.
You do not need any drugs to be happy.
You need Dianetics.

Food is provided during seminar times.

Contact and make an appointment for a free information session to have all your questions answered and to pre-register for the weekend seminar.

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