Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kijiji Rap - Very well done, boys

Although the presence of the official Kijiji K-Car (haven't you always wanted a k-car?) makes me feel a tiny bit like I've been duped into shilling for Kijiji Corporate, I must say this video is terrific.

Steve tipped me off, saying his 'bro' (does that still mean 'brother' or is it like on Cops when they say 'uhm, my cousin' and it's never really their cousin) made this rap video about Kijiji.

Nice work, boys. Good rapping, clean edits, decent production overall. A fine addition to the Kijiji canon!

And, I'd not heard of ConstructiveComedy before, but that building in the opening shot looks familiar. Is that Lawrence and Avenue Rd in Toronto? If so, is that video store still next door?

See more of Mr. Herzog and ConstructiveComedy at their FunnyOrDie page.

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