Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lonely nerd seeks to unload comic collection, find woman (579)

I feel for this guy. Obviously, I'm a nerd too. But I have a wife. And cats. He says he's never had a girlfriend, and somehow thinks being without his comic book collection will change things. I'm not so sure, but I wish him great success.

Dude, if you're reading this, get in touch and I'll do a whole feature piece about you right here at

Nerd selling comics wants a girlfriend

Help me get a girlfriend: buy my damn comics.
Price Please contact
Address Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S2, Canada

I’m 49 and haven’t had a real girlfriend yet. I’ve had dates, and a one-night-stand when I was 14.

The reason: I’m a nerd. I collect Porky Pig comics. And Archies and Hulks and Batmans and other dork favourites.

I need to stop collecting comics, get a wardrobe, and terminate my membership at First Choice Haircutters. I need to make myself desirable to women.

Can you help me do that?

If so, inquire about my collection of Silver Age comics. I’ve got superheroes and funny characters, condition VG-FN. If you’re interested, I’ll send you details.

Take these damn comics off my hands, so I can finally get my hands on a woman.

Thanks to Len for the find.

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Anonymous said...
November 18, 2013 at 3:52 AM

probably a fake ad

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