Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rust is lighter than carbon fiber (583)

Twitter follower @scrizzzzz (I hope I spelled that right) sent over this piece of scrap that asserts a chemical relationship that I'm unable to verify: Is rust really lighter than carbon fiber? I present it to you here, stuffed keywords intact.

All Original Mazda RX7 Rotted Oil Cooler Heat Shield
Price $40.00
Address Toronto, ON, Canada
Make Mazda

100% original metal. took it right off my 1987 RX7 TURBO 2
its a rotted out oil cooler heat shield
will make better weight distribution
better on turns and will fit any car!
i will even add in the broken off side chunks!
my loss ur winn
priced to sell!
call or text 647 xxx xxxx

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