Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You must be new to the internet, kid (593)

It starts with this ad, which makes one suspect the poster is not particularly bright:

web design
Address London, ON, Canada
Job Type Temporary

if you know how to design a website i have a job for you

looking for some one that know;s how to make a website with just the name and .com "only .com not .com/forums" this is a paid job if you want to do it for free thats be great

Then, to prove the point beyond any doubt, the advertiser's other posts:
join are platoon on x box 360
Price Please contact
Address London, ON, Canada

hey we want you to join are platoon team up on any game right now look in for gears of war 1,2,3 resident evil operation raccoon city and what ever you never have to play by you self again because your with the team so log on to the web site give use your tag name tell what you want or make you own post and we'll get back to you more then one person here
Please contact for price. Wait, what? You want me to pay you to play "Raccoon City" with you on the Xbox? In London, Ontario, right?
want to team up for achievements
Price Please contact
Address Toronto, ON, Canada

i am looking for people to team up on games for achievements
No, Toronto. I see. No, I don't.

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