Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Perform in our family-friendly sexy fetish lady wrestling videos (594)

I grew up a big fan of professional wrestling. This was in the mid-1980s when Hulkamania was running wild and Roddy Piper helped shape my obnoxious smartass personality. Back then, there were two classes of wrestling magazines: The classy ones, and the other ones. The other ones didn't have the best copy-editors, and the ads often sold videos and magazines that didn't make sense to a young mind: ladies with big, muscular thighs wrestling other women or men. Lots of hair-pulling, face-sitting and leg-scissors.

Fast-forward to present day, and today's Kijiji Windsor ad offers young women the opportunity to become one of those ladies men pay to see "fight". We can infer that the advertiser is out to hire ladies to perform in fetish fights for customers with creepily specific fantasies. Not so different from pro wrestling, except it's completely different from pro wrestling -- pro wrestling is supposed to manipulate the emotions of the audience with physical storytelling and unpredictability. This stuff is the opposite: having the wanking viewer use the women as puppets for his mock-violence fantasy.

Sounds legit.

Hiring Part-time Diva Wrestlers
Address Windsor, ON N8X 3N9, Canada
Job Type Part-Time

London Internet Wrestling is hiring part-time Divas. No training or experience is necessary. We will provide athletic wrestling training as well as acting skills from our coaches. The website address will only be provided once we decide to hire you as an employee. This promotion is internet exclusive as we cater to custom matches that our clients pay for. Your identity will remain confidential as there is no live audience. No nudity, no adult content, family friendly atmosphere. Very professional and safe setting. The matches are filmed inside fitness clubs and boxing rings in Windsor, ON. Sassy outfits and wrestling with both men and women is a must.

The pay is $100 - $150 per match, depending upon the type of script that our clients write. The matches last 30 minutes and are twice a week. Our availability schedule is very flexible. We encourage brunettes or raven haired women to apply. Some moves that you will learn are hair-pulling, piledrivers, bodyslam and the camel clutch. You must send 2 photos if you are interested. We cannot hire elderly or obese women, this is why we request photos. If you send a message saying, "I want more information" without any pics, then your email will go to the trash. Men, please do not apply. Good luck!

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