Friday, June 1, 2012

Justin Bieber tickets on Kijiji: Girls, shut up

Apparently Justin Bieber concert tickets sold out. Of course, you can buy them now on Kijiji. Whiny girls are whining.

With Justin Bieber tickets sold out and scalpers charging more on Kijiji, some fans are whining and need to shut up.

@Najaahhh People are trying to sell tickets for section 500 for $500 on Kijiji! It's crazy.

@nyss22 I h8 that I'm already seeing @justinbieber tix for TO on kijiji - 4x the price! Been trying for 2hrs on ticketmaster for a 9yo girl

@SarahMcGuireJB depressing eh? Kijiji will be rape for prices! (Editor's note: Sarah, ask a rape victim how her experience compares to you not having Justin Bieber tickets. Shame on you.)

@tayholl06 has been on ticketmaster, kijiji and ebay for two hours trying to get @justinbieber tickets for my sisters #impossible #donthave1000dollars

@TFrantik Bieber tickets already on Kijiji for $300+. Sick.

@ashleymarius Stupid people ok Kijiji. Pick up your god damn phones, cause I want #justinbieber tickets!

@katieavery It makes me so angry that people bought up the justin bieber tickets, to turn around and sell them for a fortune on Kijiji #pathetic #ottawa

You whiny, entitled snots. Ticket scalping is nothing new. Kijiji is just the medium for the message. You didn't get tickets the regular way? Tough. You can't afford tickets now? Suck it up, princesses! It's for a nine-year-old girl? Well, she'll have to learn that crying about it won't get her anything. It's Justin Goddamned Bieber. This will pass. Get over yourselves.

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