Friday, June 8, 2012

Big ol' truck comes with doors *and* wheels! (601)

Tired of driving a truck that has only wheels or doors but not both? This truck has both, and it's already broken in, so you get that comfortable, holes-in-the-crotch feel of a gently loved truck with the benefit of it already being a used truck.

1999 Ford F-250 Lariat Pickup Truck 4x4 - 5.4 litre

Ford Model F-250 Trim Lariat Year 1999 Kilometers 170000 Pickup Truck Transmission Automatic Colour Brown Drivetrain 4 x 4You want a truck? This is your ticket! It's got doors, it's got wheels, hell you seem like a great person I'll even through in a second set of keys!!
You want a stereo? It's got a 6 disc CD changer!
You want 2 wheel drive? Forget about it, I'll throw in 4 wheel drive on the fly for no extra charge!
You want power? 5.4L Triton v-8 at no extra cost!
Tell you what I'll do just to seal the deal.. Voyager trailer brake system installed and working no extra charge! Ah heck I'll even throw in the Class V hitch. Why suffer through all those months of breaking in a new vehicle when you can grab this truck complete with dents, scratches and an already cracked windshield! (can see fine out of it)
Ok, kidding aside :) I bought this truck to tow my boat but I bought a much smaller boat than I expected so my loss is your gain. Truck runs great. Previous owner replaced the engine and trans last year and the drivetrain only has 170K kms. The trans shifts hard out of first gear. Didn't bother me much I just drove it as is but I was told by the previous owner it's the kickdown solenoid he just never bothered to replace it, neither did I.
Runs great. Was told all brakes redone last year (have no receipts from previous owner so take it for what it is), 4wdr works great, shifts on the fly. Towed the boat back from Edmonton a few months back was great. Truck has AC but I havent used it. Stereo is great, CD changer works, tape player I have no idea and radio is super. Great tread on the tires.
The Bad:
- Drivers door lock is punched out. I keep meaning to get another lock at pick n pull but I just dont have the time.
- Power doorlocks don't work. Might just need some WD40, no idea.
- Windshield is fine for me but it is cracked so might need replacing.
Solid truck. It's currently insured and driving but I'm cancelling insurance soon as I dont need 4 vehicles on the road. I live in Country Hills. Email me if you want to come take a look.

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