Friday, June 8, 2012

Leaf-hating table is suitable for beer pong (602)

This is a mighty impressive table from Kijiji Winnipeg. I would gladly have this table in my home. My wife would not allow it, but this appears to be a solid and respectable piece of furniture. The added benefits are just added benefits.

Rebel Table / ideal for yardsale
Price $10.00
Address Winnipeg, MB R2M 0M1, Canada

No surprises here!

The table is sturdy, has no wear or scratches. It lacks style and defys trends - the rebel table will be great for home or garage!

How sturdy is it? Bring over your ample mother-in-law and have her sit on my table - if it breaks, I will pay you $10.*

Tired of your kids playing beer-pong on your good antique table!? - then buy my table!

This table is so affordable, you could screw it upside down to the ceiling and then convince your wife that nothing is wrong and she is seeing things... she'll go insane! totally worth Buying my table!

Hate the Leafs? so does this table! This table does not have any leaves. buy this table!

This table is sold "as is" and does not contain any hugs. Do not try and hug me for giving you such a great price on such a great table.

Buy this table today and have room to display your things at your YARD or GARAGE SALE this weekend...Then Sell the Table! Table makes YOU money!

The Table: 45" long x 31" wide and 29" tall / ASKING $10
*Note -Do not send your mother-in-law over to break my table.

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