Monday, June 11, 2012

Electric-blue lobster lights up Kijiji Halifax (604)

An electric-blue sea cockroach posted on Kijiji Halifax drew a crapload of attention this weekend.

Barrington, NS fisherman Bobby Stoddard found the blue lobster in one of his traps near Cape Sable Island in May. Three or four regular lobsters were in the trap, and one of his less-clever crewmates spotted a "pretty one" in the group.

Pretty, huh? It's Smurf blue!

Blue lobster caught by Nova Scotia fisherman sold on Kijiji.

To be honest, it's a genetic mutant. The University of Maine says only one in two million lobsters is blue.

"Even overtop his eyes and underneath, he's just really blue," Stoddard tells the CBC. "My dad caught one about 40 years ago, and he said that's the only one he's ever seen."

So what do you do when you make a one-in-two-million catch? Put it on Kijiji, b'y!

"I just put it on there for sort of for a joke, thought maybe someone would be interested in having it or maybe a restaurant or something for a display piece or whatever."

The only condition, we're told is that that the lobster doesn't end up on a dinner plate.

To hell with that! I want to know if blue lobster tastes like blue slushies or blue raspberry candy.

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