Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Don't buy bullets on Kijiji (612)

Listen, you dummy. You're not supposed to buy and sell guns and bullets on Kijiji. You're not fooling anyone with this ad copy:

Price Please contact
Address Eastern Passage, Halifax, NS B3G, Canada

Looking for some of these if you have any, thank you.
And the picture?

Seeking bullets on Kijiji

Just after I posted this, a coincidence led me to someone with a story about these bullets.

CIL, of course, makes paint. At least that's what they're famous for now. They used to make all kinds of ammunition -- bullets and such. My source tells me CIL doesn't make these any more. In fact, this caliber of bullets will be very difficult to find now, perhaps especially for a Mauser. Go figure.

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