Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lethbridge Fast food worker has two big dreams (633)

Ah, the life of a grill jockey. Or is this lady a sandwich artist? Maybe she's a bank teller. Ha! In her dreams! Literally. We start with a Kijiji Lethbridge missed connection and follow with a misplaced 'job' ad.

I remembered you after all these years
Location Lethbridge

I served you back in 2007 at subway a lot but I did not talk. I than saw you at mcdonalds when i was working there in 2009 and I gave in. We talked and before you left, you handed me your name and number. Mike.

But I got to give up on ever seeing your face again. I am sorry because you seemed to be like the best guy.
Fast food with rolled-up cash money
Will she find her fantasy fast-food-patron? Not if she gets to be a bigtime money handler!
Looking for people just like me
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Date Listed 13-Jul-12
Location Lethbridge
Hi, I am looking to reach people who have struggled with getting a job at a bank. If anyone had struggled with getting their dream job, I would like to hear any advice. I already have a business diploma but no experience. I need help getting referred to a bank.

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