Monday, July 16, 2012

New Kijiji iPhone app lets you manage your ads

Official Kijiji Android App is still not available
Kijiji released the new version of its iOS app today at the iTunes App Store.

A lot of the badly-placed ads I've seen in recent months have been placed using the Kijiji App. I have my fingers crossed that this new version will smooth out some of the concerns.

The App Store says the new Kijiji iPhone app has a few improvements.

Chief among them will be support for "My Kijiji", allowing users to log in with their account and manage their ads from the phone. Until now, it's been difficult for users to delete or edit their ads after they've been posted with the app, leaving the site cluttered with things that had been sold. You are not required to have a Kijiji login to post, but I definitely recommend it. It makes it so much easier to manage your ads and repost.

I'm not sure what the "new improved design" will entail, or which "minor bug fixes" we'll see.

Be sure to check out the "Combined Browse and Search Tab" as well.

Kijiji iphone app v3.0 screenshot shows search for video monitor.
Now, what's missing? I've seen two users on Twitter clamoring for an iPad-optimized Kijiji app. This is not that. This is v3.0 of the iPhone app. I expect you'll still be able to use it on the iPad, but you won't get those iPad-specific benefits.

If you're looking for the smartphone Kijiji experience but don't have an app -- send your browser to and do your bidniz that way.I think Blackberry users are going to have to live with that. No Kijiji Blackberry app has ever been mentioned, as far as I know.

Have you tried the new Kijiji app? Leave a review in the comments.

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Anonymous said...
October 10, 2013 at 8:50 AM

The new app sucks on an iPad.

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