Monday, July 30, 2012

Who stole all my left socks from the Landrymat? (637)

Kijiji Saint John provides us with another weird ad. This poor soul is left barefoot and cranky after a heinous theft from the 'landrymat.'

Sad sock on Kijiji Saint John

Wanted: Asking for any help I can get!!! Please Read!!!
Address St John, NB E2M 3B5, Canada

To the Punk or Punks that went into my wash today and stole all of my Left Footed Socks!!!!!
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to remove all my good left socks from the washer when I came back to change over my clothes. Now thanks to you Amateur Sock puppeteers for the next week I am stuck wearing two rights. And we all know that it is not a good feeling. I am completely thrown off by this and it is another blow to the Saint John Crime Scene
Re-runs of Bleu Nuit at 2am will never be the same again unless I get justice!!

No I am not asking for anyone to step up here and come out and tell me who did it but I will be watching. I know what my socks look like and you will be the fool wearing two lefts when you come out of your apartment and dance into the work world….. I have already have made posters and will be contacting the pawn shops.

Lets be honest here folks!!! What low life would come to a landrymat and steal left footed socks. You must be some sick creep!!!!! Sitting at home with your big toe sticking out of your crappy wal mart 20 pairs for $10 deal. No I am a working class man who enjoys a left and a right when it comes to socks!!!

I am watching you!!!!! I will seek revenge....

Justice will be served!

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